lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

Dear Sponsor,

I want to tell you what I´ve learned in  my English class:Simple present  my favorite class is the main parts  of the face because that helped me  to learn how to pronounce every part of  my face.
I also like the kind of character adjectives, because it helped me to express my self better. and I know that  my sisters are studying at  home cuz Dr.Gary said in 2016 would have lead to 6 children to the Unites  States I also want to learn English because that will help me for my 3 professions that I will have. There are more chances to find a job knowing  more than one language I hope you can come with the sponsor because I want  to know you, and  be able to talk in English with you.And I also learn the some use  of and any, it became easy  to describe my house in English the furniture, appliances, to describe in a faster and easier way, I like  the form that  teaches the coach  Mario Cadenas  and if we have any questions he helps us to solve our concerns, also the family tree, that  helped  me to  know how  you call each family member.

she is my sister Maria Gracia with one of my pets is called Fiama

here is my older sister Naomi and I now

this is me when I was smaller
this is my mom all the more beautiful and Ximena

lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Hello Dear Sponsor

My name is Ximna Vallejo, I live in Chongon, I am twelve years old, and my favorite color is purple. My favorite hobby is read interesting books,  my mother´s name is Myrian Daza ,my father´s name is Gabriel Sanchez,  my favorite singer is Lilly Goodman Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, I am  from Ecuador, I love alll kinds of clothes, i like flowers and pink coral colored, Ihave a dog his name is Tobias, like playing with my dog, what I like to do at home is t read the Bible, I have three sister and one brother,My favorite show is ¡Carly and Austin and Ally. My favorite subjects are English, social studies and physical education, my best friends are Yuleidy,Nathaly, and Angela, I like going for a walk qith my family, what I do not like is that invad my space, i like, I like to surf the Internet and educate me more. I like princesses stories and I am the Princess Bella, i love drawing, In my spare time  Ilike to play the guitar since I love to be fashionable, other sports I love is swimming that fascinates me, I like singig too I really like Adele is music such as rolling in the deep, someone like you and set fie to the rain. My dream is to tavel to Italy.
Me (left) with my best friend Yuleidi